Profesio is an online application that can recommend users a list of suitable careers based on the results of a personality test.

The personality test that you will find on this website is based on the studies of American psychologist John L. Holland. He developed a theory on the correlation between career success and certain personality types. This kind of test is known as the Holland Test or the RIASEC Test and is applied worldwide in educational institutions, companies and career orientation centers.

The test on this site is in the form of an imaginary scenario consisting of seven scenes. In each scene, the respondent will have to choose three of the six available options, each option representing one of the personality types in Holland's Theory.

With the help of this innovative application, the respondend can easily decide on the answers while the results are more detailed compared to other variations of the test. By correlating the results with the specifications in the database, the application will produce a list of occupations that are suitable for the respondent.

John L. Holland, PhD

Holland's Theory can be summarized in three ideas:

1. In our culture, people have a mix of six personality types: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising and Conventional. These are know as Holland Codes (RIASEC).

2. Each profession is best performed by people with a certain mix of the personality types, some of them more dominant than others.

3. People who choose a career suited for their own personality mix will have more professional success. For example, people with a dominant artistic personality will have more professional success if they choose a career in an artistic field (actors, musicians, painters, etc.), where creativity and expression are valued.

How recommendations are made

There are numerous research studies based on Holland's Theory to determine which personality mix will bring most success in each occupation. One of the most comprehensive databases offering this kind of information is O*NET (Occupational Information Network), maintained by the US Department of Labor.

The application found on this website correlates results from the Holland test to the information in the O*NET database. The report offers a list of occupations that match the respondent's personality mix. Further more, the report includes a list of knowledge areas recommended in performing those occupations.